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Registering a New Student

Current School Year

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to Palos School District 118! Skyward, the platform we currently use for our Student Information System, is user-friendly and allows us to store and manage student information efficiently and securely.


New to District 118
Step 1

Request a login account for Skyward Family Access using a valid email address. If you don’t already have an email address, you may obtain a free email account through a service such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or Google. Your login and password will be sent to this email address. Use the link in the email or on the screen to begin the process.

Step 2

Complete application

Step 3

Parents can visit your child's school anytime. Bring the registration documents (see below) at that time.


Registration Documents

Medical Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Download Printable Requirements Form

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Palos School District 118

  1. Original/Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
  2. Proof of residency, includes one item from Category I and two items from Category II (in addition to            driver’s license/State ID)
  3. Proof of custody (if applicable)

    If student is new to the District or has moved within the District, Proof of Residency must be provided.


Category I

(one of the following specific documents are required)

  • Homeowner(s):  Must provide current mortgage statement (or signed and dated mortgage papers, and/or closing documents such as HUD-1 (RESPA) if new ownership or if the property is not mortgaged).
  • Renter(s) with lease: Signed and dated Lease and proof of last month’s payment.
  • Renter(s) without lease:  signed and dated letter of residence from landlord in lieu of Lease and proof of last month’s payment (Palos 118 - Form 760:E1). The E1 form must be notarized.
  • Living with a District Resident:  Signed and dated by individual responsible for the residence. Proof of occupancy from owner and Parent/Guardian. (Palos 118 - Form 760:E2). The E2 form must be notarized.
  • Other:  Situations other than above must be reviewed by the Superintendent’s Office.


Category II

(Two documents in addition to Driver’s License/State ID showing
property address and parent/guardian’s name are required)

  • Driver’s license/State ID (required)  
  • Gas Bill
  • Electric Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Cable Bill
  • Cell Phone Bill
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Homeowner/Rental Insurance Policy
  • Current Public Aid Card
  • Current Tax Bill with proof of payment

New Residency Suggestions 

  • US Mail Change of Address Form
  • Cable Service Installation
  • Moving Company Receipt
  • Bank Change of Address Verification
  • Employer Change of Address Verification Letter



Other Requirements

  • Physical/Immunization Form (by July 1st ) - all new students transferring in, and students entering pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and sixth grade.
  • Vision Exam Form (by October 15th of SY) - kindergarten or students entering an Illinois school for the first time.
  • Dental Exam Form (by May 15th of SY) - all students entering kindergarten, second, and sixth grade.
  • Student in Good Standing Form from prior school if student is transferring in (Grades 1st-8th)
  • Medical Forms can be found on the District Website under Quick Links – District Medical Forms 

Contact the school office if you are unable to register your child at this time or for further information.

Palos West: 12700 South 104th Ave., Palos Park, IL 60464 Phone: 708-448-6888 Fax: 708-923-7064
Palos East: 7700 W. 127th St., Palos Heights, IL 60463 Phone: 708-448-1084 Fax: 708-923-7077
Palos South: 13100 South 82nd Ave., Palos Park, IL 60464 Phone: 708-448-5971 Fax: 708-448-0754