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The Palos 118 Educational Foundation was incorporated for the sole purpose of raising funds for the exclusive, specific, and explicit benefit of the students of Palos East, Palos West, and Palos South schools. With the help of the school district, the Foundation selects unfunded school projects. The Foundation works through fundraisers, corporate and private contributions, and state and local government support.

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The Palos School District 118 Educational Foundation was established in 1998.

We strive to expand the educational mission of the District by providing financing beyond the means of conventional public funding.  To date the Foundation has donated nearly $556,000 to Palos School District 118.  The directors of the Foundation are parents of current students and alumni. 

Our fundraising efforts have been paused as a result of COVID-19.  However, we are happy to announce that we are resuming one of our annual fundraisers, Laps for Literature, which returns on Friday, September 9, 2022.

All students collect pledges and walk outdoor paths at each school.

Students are supervised by staff, administrators and parent volunteers.  All donations raised by the event go directly to the media centers of each school.  Each school executes this event with its own school spirit and style.

The kick-off for Laps this year was at the Back-to-School Night Movie.  Pledge forms were distributed to those in attendance.  Pledge forms will be on the Palos District 118 website (see link above) and hard copies will be in each school office.  Pledges can be made online through the District 118 website (link above) or can be sent to school with the student for delivery to the office.

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