Food Service/Lunch Menus

Palos 118 has partnered with Skyward Foodservice and RevTrack to offer online payments for foodservice in the schools. Each student receives a 4-digit code that will be used in the lunch to line to access their account and pay for their food items. Parents will be able to fund their child’s account and track what their student is ordering through the online module in their Skyward Parent Access portal. These accounts are Family accounts, so if you have multiple children in Palos 118 schools, they will all be able to use the same account and you will not need to fund each student’s account separately.

Click here for instructions on how to access your foodservice account

Click here for instructions on how to make a payment for school lunches.

Click here for instructions on how to submit an application for free and reduced lunch prices.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the new foodservice accounts

Lunch Menus