information for South Students

Beginning Wednesday, August 28th, all doors will be closed until 8:15. This will be in effect every Wednesday during the entire school year. At 8:15, the north entrance door and south upper level doors will open for students to begin entering the building. The bike rider lower level entrance will not open until 8:30 on Wednesdays. As a reminder, car drop off will only be permitted in the south of the building between 8:15 – 8:40. If parents are dropping off students and it is past 8:40, the students are the report to the front of the building.

7th and 8th Grade Zero Hour Classes on Late Start Wednesdays
As listed in the above section, Wednesdays in the building will begin at 8:45 and there will be no Zero Hour classes on those days. Due to this change, please see below for the band/PE schedules if you have a child in 7th or 8th grade band.

7th Grade: Students in 7th Grade Band will have PE 4 days per week during Zero Hour. Students in band will not have PE on Wednesdays during the year. These students will be in band 5 days per week during 4th Period.

8th Grade: Students in 8th Grade Band will have band 4 days per week. Monday, Thursday, and Friday band class will take place during Zero Hour. Tuesday band class will take place during the PE period of the band member. This is offered so students in band may take Capstone in 8th grade on Tuesdays. Therefore, all 8th Grade band students will have PE four days per week.