Welcome to the Palos 118 Educational Foundation

The Palos 118 Educational Foundation was incorporated for the sole purpose of raising funds for the exclusive, specific, and explicit benefit of the students of Palos East, Palos West, and Palos South schools. With the help of the school district, the foundation selects unfunded school projects. The Foundation works through fundraisers, corporate and private contributions, and state and local government support.

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we are all busy preparing to be with family and friends, it is also a time for reflection, being thankful and a time for giving. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is the National Day of Giving. We are inviting everyone to:

Join the 118 movement & donate $118 to Palos 118!
Help us reach our goal of having 118 people donate $118!

Every dollar counts, so even if you only have $11.80 to donate, we appreciated your dedication to our school district!


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Mrs. Anna Angelos
Foundation President


8800 W. 119th St.
Palos Park, IL 60464