District Monthly Message

October 2019 District Monthly Message

Message From Dr. Scarsella

Dear Palos 118 Families,

This month’s message is going to be brief because this morning I have an important appointment to keep with a group of kindergarten students.  At Palos West, it is all hands on deck to help our little learners with some of those pesky letter sounds that are giving them some trouble.  When we talk about professional learning communities and working in teams to help all students succeed, every single person affiliated with this school district shares responsibility for the success of all of our students regardless of job title.  At Palos 118, the success of all students requires the collective expertise of all adults.

I love when I’m invited to visit classrooms because it always reminds me of why I do what I do.  I am here to serve the children of this community.  Period.  My job entails a lot of time dealing with politics and balancing the demands of our many stakeholder groups.  At times, it is very challenging.  But at the end of the day, my job is to help kindergarteners with their letter sounds; our primary students learning to read, our intermediate students preparing for the anxiety inducing transition to middle school, and our young adults getting ready for the challenges of high school.  I may not be physically present in their classrooms every day like our talented teachers, but I can guarantee you I’m always thinking about and planning for ways we can better support them as they learn and grow.  Who could ask for a better job?

Speaking of jobs, we have an exciting volunteer “job” if you interested in helping us make Palos 118 an even greater place for students.  Our TAB Committee is seeking parents to join us this school year to assist in gathering parent stakeholder feedback on various school topics, like the school calendar.  The TAB Committee, which stands for Teachers, Administrators and Board Members, is inviting parents to join us on December 4 and March 10 this school year.  Please consider applying by clicking on the link below.  Space is limited.  Applications will be accepted through October 31.


Happy Halloween and I hope to see you at one of our elementary schools on October 31!  

Dr. Anthony M. Scarsella
Superintendent of Schools

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