District Monthly Message

November 2019 District Monthly Message

Message From Dr. Scarsella

Dear Palos 118 Families,

Happy Thanksgiving!  This year, our school community has so much for which to be thankful.  First and foremost, we are thankful for our compassionate students.  At last night’s Board of Education meeting, The Palos South Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Promise Club shared with us how they show their leadership, creativity, and passion for protecting their friends, school, and community from any form of violence before it occurs.  This talented group of students work hard throughout the year to make Palos South a safe and welcoming place for all students. For their outstanding efforts, we should all give thanks.

As a school community, I hope we are all thankful for the recent accolades bestowed upon our school district.  Just last week, Palos 118 became the first school district in the South Cook region to achieve a perfect score on a state compliance visit.  Every five years, public school districts in Illinois receive a compliance visit to determine if they are complying with state operational requirements and applicable state and federal regulations.  Monitors come in and review personnel records and credentials, review board policy, health/life safety procedures, financial records and a host of other documents and procedures required by the Illinois School Code and Administrative Code.  I’m so thankful that Palos 118 was the first South Cook school district to ever receive such high marks.

Being lauded for our compliance work comes just weeks after our schools received top performance designations from the Illinois State Board of Education.  Two of our schools received Tier I Exemplary ratings and another received a Tier II commendable rating.  As a whole, Palos 118 is in the top tier for academic performance statewide.  I’m so thankful for the hard work of our teachers, staff and students who made these ratings possible.  We’ve always known the educational programming we provide students is top notch but it is always nice for an outside observer to draw the same conclusion.  For that, I am thankful.

Personally, I’m so very thankful for the opportunity to continue to serve as the superintendent of this special school district.  Thanksgiving always makes me think about my family and in the last 12 years, my family has grown to include the 235 colleagues I am so very proud to serve alongside.  I am thankful for their collective contributions, which have led to our recent accomplishments.

To our employees and all of our Palos 118 families, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing all of you soon at one of our upcoming school events.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Anthony M. Scarsella
Superintendent of Schools

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