District Monthly Message

May 2019 District Monthly Message


Message from Dr. Scarsella

I have to admit one of my favorite guilty pleasures is watching the reality television competition The Amazing Race.  The show involves teams of two racing around the world using route info, engaging in activities called Detours or Roadblocks, while trying to avoid U-Turns and Speed Bumps designed to slow them down.  I probably like the show so much because it mirrors real life, particularly at the end of each school year.  I, like you, do my best to plot a route to June. I attend as many end-of-year activities as possible; deal with the inevitable speed bumps that arise and hope that I don’t encounter a U-turn before those bright yellow school buses head safely home for the last time. 

At the end of each episode of The Amazing Race, the host tells successful teams that their hard work has paid off, they haven’t been eliminated from the race and they’ll be off on their next adventure after a short rest.  For me, that moment happens as the last Palos South graduate walks across the stage at Stagg High School.  At that moment, I know the school district did everything it could to prepare them for the next leg of their own amazing race in life; wherever that race may take them.  Good luck on your journey graduates.  We are all very proud of you!       

For our Palos parents, your lives are about to feel a bit like reality television too.  Our principals and teachers are going to hand over the task of playing Big Brother for a couple months.  Now that school is out, you’ll have to manage breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your own.  It will probably feel a bit like being on the Food Network; hopefully more Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives than Top Chef.  Who wants to do all that cooking?  Please don’t forget to have some fun.  Channel your inner Dance Mom by grabbing the kids and heading to the backyard after dark for some Dancing with the Stars. How about a day of boating?  If it gets too hot (doubtful in Chicago), you can always go Below Deck.  By the time August rolls around, you’ll probably feel like you’re on Survivor.  Grab that immunity idol and hold tight. I promise the start of school is just around the corner!

They say perception is reality.  I hope our students’ perception of this school year is a positive one.  Our goal is - and always will be - to provide as many opportunities as we can for students to make lasting childhood memories that they will look back fondly on as they get older. I think we’ve done a pretty good job this year doing just that and I hope you think so too.  Every year, we strive to make our schools a special place to learn and grow.  I have the pleasure of walking hallways throughout the year and if the smiles I’ve seen on our students’ faces are any indication of how our school year has gone, I’d say it has been a terrific year. 

Thank you to our entire school community for another memorable school year!  Have a safe and wonderful summer.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Anthony Scarsella

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