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Directory Information

Directory information may be released to the general public unless a parent requests that any of the directory information not be released. Parents who would like to request that specific directory information not be released must notify the school district of their decision to opt-out of the release of directory information annually within two weeks of the start of the school year.  Additional requests may be considered thereafter on a case-by-case basis. Contact Brock Stein, Director of Communications at

Directory Information 23 Ill.Admin.Code §375.80

The school may release certain directory information regarding students, except that a student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) may prohibit the student’s directory information. Directory information is limited t

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Grade level
  4. Birth date and place
  5. Parent(s)/guardian(s)’ names, addresses, electronic mail addresses, and telephone numbers
  6. Photographs, videos, or digital images used for informational or news-related purposes (whether by a media outlet or by the school) of a student participating in school or schoolsponsored activities, organizations, and athletics that have appeared in school publications, such as yearbooks, newspapers, or sorting or fine arts programs
  7. Academic awards, degrees and honors
  8. Information in relation to school-sponsored activities, organizations, and athletics
  9. Major field of study
  10. Period of attendance in school

No photograph highlighting individual faces shall be used for commercial purpose, including solicitation, advertising, promotion, or fundraising without the prior, specific, dated and written consent of the parent or eligible student (see 765 ILCS 1075/30). 23 Ill.Admin.Code §375.80. The following shall not be designated as directory information: (a) an image on a school security video, or (b) student social security number or student identification or unique student identifier. Id.