1st and 2nd Grade Math Olympiad

2017 Math Olympiad Information -
Testing for the Math Olympiad Team will take place in late January or early February. You will be notifed by US mail if your child qualifies for the team.

Team Information
Coach: Mrs. McNamara: ALPS Teacher at Palos East School - jmcnamara@palos118.org

Practice Sessions
Practice sessions will be on Wednesdays beginning in March. Practice dates are as follows:
3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29, 4/12, 4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10

Grades 1-4 will hold practice sessions at Palos East in Mrs. McNamara's Room (38).
Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to each session. Please be sure to pick up your child promptly at 4:30 at the side exit near the GYM. Please pull into the two lanes on the circular drive.

Math Bowl
The competition for grades 1-4 will be held at Prairie State College on Thursday, May 11th. Our final team, to be sent to the Bowl will consist of two first graders and two second graders. Selection will be based on practice tests, accuracy, speed within a time limit, ability to be a team player, and observation of focus and participation.

Students are given a weekly homework page to practice newly learned math skills. Math Olympians are encouraged to use mental math skills, but are not required to solve problems mentally unless otherwise indicated. Homework should be completed and turned in weekly and will count towards participation points.

**For Additional Practice:
Check out links at http://www.kidsites.com/sites-edu/math.htm
Patterns: Site 1, Site 2, Site 3

Students invited to the math bowl will be required to solve Ken Ken Puzzles. Grades 1-2 will be given 4x4 puzzles at a medium difficulty level. Use the links below for practice.
KenKen Practice link: http://www.kenken.com
Register for Free Weekly KenKen Puzzles: http://www.kenken.com/teachers/classroom

Students are also tested on Logic Puzzles such as Magic Square and Magic Traingles: http://www.logic-puzzles.org/init.php and http://www.mathplayground.com/magic_triangle.html

Previous Awards

Math Bowl Awards 2016
* 2nd Place Team Award
* 5th Place for First Grade - Brianna O'Brien
* 2nd Place for Second Grade - Ethan Phillips

Math Olympiad 2016

Math Bowl Awards 2015
* 1st Place Team Award
* 3rd Place for First Grade - Jackson Szafranski
* 4th Place for First Grade - Jack Krusinski
* 1st Place for Second Grade - Brandon Torres
* 4th Place for Second Grade - Diane Tan

Math Olympiad 2015

Math Bowl Awards 2014
* 2nd Place Team Award
* 2nd Place for First Grade - Diane Tan
* 3rd Place for First Grade - Brandon Torres
* 1st Place for Second Grade - Ben Kavaliauskas
* 2nd Place for Second Grade - Lana Kerley

Math Olympiad 2014

Math Bowl Awards 2012
* 2nd Place Team Award
* 1st Place for First Grade - Sofia Hasty
* 2nd Place for First Grade - Ethan Oliven
* 2nd Place for Second Grade - James Tan

Math Olympiad 2012