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Bus Referrals

Disciplinary Measures

The superintendent, principal, and assistant principal shall have the authority to suspend pupils from riding the school bus for gross disobedience or misconduct while on the school bus, or take any such lesser disciplinary action as deemed appropriate. Such suspension shall continue for a period of up to ten school days unless the board suspends the student for a longer period for safety reasons. The following is a listing of suggested disciplinary guidelines to be followed; however, administrators will take whatever action is deemed appropriate in each individual case.

First Referral

The rules relating to bus behavior will be reviewed during a conference between appropriate administrator and student. Parents may be notified of the violation by a letter and/or phone call. A written record will be kept of the referral and succeeding referrals. Disciplinary action to be taken is at the discretion of the appropriate school administrator.

Second Referral

A student may be suspended from riding the bus for a period to be determined by the nature of the referral. Parents will be notified accordingly. Such suspension from riding the bus generally shall be up to a maximum of five days.

Third & Subsequent Referrals

A student may be suspended from riding the bus for a period of up to one month. Parents shall be notified accordingly.