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Common Core FAQ

What are the Common Core Standards?

The common core state standards set clear and consistent goals that build upon each other as children progress through each grade level. They have been developed for language arts and math, but are incorporated in all subject areas. You will also see us refer to them as the CCSS or New Illinois Learning Standards.

Why were the CCSS created?

• To provide high expectations for all children
• To deepen each child’s understanding and application of skills
• To align with international standards
• To provide clarity and emphasis for teachers

How are the CCSS different from the previous Illinois Learning Standards?

• Some math concepts will be introduced at lower grade levels and the instructional focus in math is narrowed at each grade level so that students can deepen their understanding of mathematical foundations.
• The learning between grade levels is carefully connected so students can build new understandings onto the foundations built in previous years.
• The literacy standards include a balance between fiction and content-rich nonfiction.
• There is an increased emphasis on rigor to prepare students for college, career, and life.

How will my child be assessed on the new learning standards?

Beginning in the spring of 2015, students in grades 3-8 will participate in the PARCC assessment. This will take the place of the ISAT testing. Additionally, classroom assessments will be aligned to the CCSS, and we will continue to administer the MAP tests to all students K-8 which has been aligned with the CCSS.

How do I help my child now that the standards have changed?

At a comfortable rate, familiarize yourself with the CCSS and resources available to parents. As you get a feel for what your child will be learning as he or she moves through their grade level, try some of the following suggestions: