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Commemorative Dates

In compliance with the Illinois State Board of Education, Palos 118 shall include instruction relative to commemorated persons, activities, or events on the commemorative holiday or at any other time during the school year and at any point in the curriculum when such instruction may be deemed appropriate. The commemorative holidays are: 

1.    January 17 (the birthday of Muhammad Ali),
2.    January 28 (to be known as Christa McAuliffe Day and observed as a commemoration of space exploration),
3.    February 15 (the birthday of Susan B. Anthony),
4.    March 29 (Viet Nam War Veterans Day),
5.    September 11 (September 11th Day of Remembrance),
6.    The school day immediately preceding Veterans Day (Korean War Veterans Day),
7.    October 1 (Recycling Day),
8.    October 7 (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Remembrance Day),
9.    December 7 (Pearl Harbor Veterans' Day), and
10.    Any day so appointed by the president or governor.