Accelerated Math

Accelerated Mathematics in District 118

First & Second Grade

Our most capable 1st and 2nd grade math students will be identified to participate in a one-period per week flexible enrichment group provided by the ALPS teachers at East and West. Identification will be ongoing, and students may or may not participate throughout the year based on the skills being taught in the classroom at that time.

Third Through Fifth Grades

Use of uniform placement matrices for grades 3-8 will provide multiple data points for math placement for all students. We offer an accelerated math group at grades 3, 4, and 5, using the regular grade-level text presented at a more rigorous pace with opportunities for application of skills and extended projects.

Sixth Grade / Middle School

Students in the 6th grade are placed in either pre-algebra or middle school math based on national and local testing data as well as 5th grade classroom grades. Students in the 7th and 8th grades are placed in one of three levels for math instruction.

An additional honors level class allows us to better meet the needs of those honors-level students who are capable but require a bit more practice and reinforcement of accelerated concepts. This will also benefit our most able honors students who require a faster pace and more rigorous expectations. This middle honors level will also provide a more realistic step up for those on-level students ready for more challenging content.