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Accelerated Learning Program for Students (ALPS)

Definition of Accelerated Learners

Accelerated learners are students who demonstrate high ability, motivation, and creativity. These students display the interaction of the three interlocking clusters of traits that is the necessary ingredient for original and productive student accomplishment (adapted from Renzulli and Reis, The Three Ring Conception of Giftedness).

Program Goals

The program will provide a wide variety of interdisciplinary and integrated educational opportunities and services to students exhibiting the interaction of the three clusters of high ability, motivation, and creativity. Individual schools in alignment with the district plan will determine the type and extent of these services. The goals of these opportunities and services are:

  • To support instruction in the district schools through the development of topical thematic units and the analysis of a wide variety of literary genres related to grade level concepts
  • To engage in advanced process skills such as reading, writing, thinking, speaking, math problem-solving, and executing research to create a variety of high quality products reflecting the multiple intelligences of students
  • To develop competence in the social studies disciplines of history, geography, sociology, archaeology, and philosophy through the use of process skills
  • To stimulate the exploration of science knowledge and to nurture the use of the scientific method as a lifelong learning skill
  • To foster the acquisition and appropriate and frequent use of complex vocabulary in written and oral expression
  • To demonstrate competence in writing for a variety of authentic purposes
  • To provide information and support that encourages the pursuit and development of individual interests and talents outside of the academic setting

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ALPS units are designed to be higher-level enrichments units.

ALPS Program FAQ