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Homebound and Hospital Services

Location-Restricted Students

Homebound and/or hospital services offer a short-term instructional program for eligible students whose activities are restricted for at least 10 school days and who are confined to home or hospital due to a medically diagnosed physical or mental condition. The following procedures should be followed:

  • Evaluation of the physical or health impairment by a licensed physician
  • The physician should estimate the amount of time the child would require homebound services (must be at least two weeks) and must complete an authorized medical form, which may be obtained by contacting Student Services at (708) 761-5807
  • An eligibility conference will be convened prior to service delivery

Additional Information and Questions

Questions can be directed to Erin Deval, Director of Student Services, at (708) 448-4800 ext. 5806.A copy of the rules and regulations that govern the Administration and Operation of Special Education can be attained from the Student Services Department, or by written request to:

Illinois Office of Education
100 N. 1st St.
Springfield, IL 60277