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General Information

Referrals, Evaluations & Other Processes

School District 118, in accordance with state and federal mandates, supports the rights of all children with disabilities to a free, appropriate public education. Students may qualify for special education services if they are determined to have a disability that is adversely impacting their educational performance and are in need of a specially designed instructional program to succeed in school.
A continuum of instructional programs and services are available to eligible students who have a disability that impacts their ability to benefit from standard educational programming as determined by an eligibility conference and an Individual Education Plan Conference (IEP). Special education programs and services are offered directly through the school district or in conjunction with Southwest Cook County Cooperative for Special Education.


Contact Us

Questions can be directed to Erin Deval, Director of Student Services, at the Central Administrative Offices, (708) 448-4800 ext. 5806. A copy of the rules and regulations that govern the administration and operation of special education can be attained from the Student Services Department, or by written request to:

Illinois Office of Education
100 N. 1st St.
Springfield, IL 6027