Superintendent's Message

Memories Made

While preparing for this letter, I came across this quote: "To be in your childrens' memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today." When a new school year begins at the end of each August, calendars are filled with school events, meetings, games, practices, and performances. At a glance, it can be overwhelming. Before we know it, winter break is upon us, then spring break, and we find ourselves in May attending end-of-year events and recognition ceremonies. The calendar pages turn in the blink of an eye.

Probably the reason time seems to fly is because we are all so busy and caught up in the details of life; work, activities, and family commitments just to name just a few. The events, performances, and assemblies that pack our calendars would not be possible without Palos 118 parents giving their time and talents to volunteer and make each event successful. Childrens' eyes light up when mom or dad comes into their classroom to read a story. Families make memories by completing a 5k race together at the PFA's Cardinal Chase. Students will remember walking their school grounds with classmates and teachers at the Foundation's Laps for Literature event each year. Music students will not only remember their performances, but also celebrating with family and friends at the MPA's Harvest Fest.

As one school year comes to a close, we have already been preparing for another by asking parents to complete a satisfaction survey prior to registering their student online for 2017-2018. The results are in, and 98 percent of respondents answered they would be "very likely" to recommend Palos School District 118 to others. The overwhelming positive feedback is not by accident. We have a devoted, highly qualified staff dedicated to our students' success, and informed, involved parents who contribute to making a difference in their childrens' lives. It shows not just in surveys, but in the tangible outcomes as well.

The success of Palos 118 has been evident over the past three months as the Board of Education meeting was held at each school to acknowledge and celebrate their students' achievements. Parents packed the gyms to watch their children receive certificates for accomplishments ranging from the Presidential Academic Fitness Awards, Young Authors Award, and Newbery Bowl, to Spelling Bees, a Math Bowl, and more.

I'm looking forward to graduation on May 31, and am proud to send our eighth graders off well prepared for high school and beyond. And as for our other students, we are sending them back to you on June 2. I'm sure your summer calendars are packed just like the Palos 118 calendar in August, and time will pass too quickly for you as well. Thank you for being present in your childrens' lives and enhancing their educational experience in Palos 118.


Dr. Anthony M. Scarsella,

Dr. Anthony M. Scarsella
Superintendent of Schools

Ph: (708) 448-4800 x 5800