Board Goals

The district has set three major goals.

Goal 1 – To Maximize the Educational Potential of Every Student to be a Successful Life-Long Learner

Desired Outcome:       All schools will achieve Tier 1 Exemplary Status

Desired Outcome:       All middle school students will receive a rigorous course of study that prepares them for high school.

Goal 2 – To Provide a Safe, Orderly, and Caring Learning Environment

Desired Outcome:       All staff members will be prepared to react in a crisis situation.

Desired Outcome:       All district learning environments will provide for students’ emotional and physical safety by creating a sense of belonging and community.                                  

Desired Outcome:       All district facilities will be maintained in a condition that enhances student learning, employee productivity and complies with all provisions of the Health Life Safety Code

Goal 3 – To Manage and Plan for Financial Integrity

Desired Outcome:       All financial profiles scores will be Financial Recognition.                                  

Desired Outcome:       All financial decisions will consider the impact on local taxpayers.