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Communication: You and I are partners in your student’s education! Communication is an important factor in your child’s academic and social success. The easiest way to reach me is by email. I can be reached by phone before or after school. You may also make an appointment to visit in person. I encourage parents and students to visit our class webpage to stay up-to-date with class happenings. Here you will also find helpful resources for each subject. **Please complete the pink parent communication form attached to this packet and return to school.

Communication Programs: To help keep you informed on upcoming classroom events, please follow these quick & easy steps to receive text updates through a communication program called Remind. Text @east118 to the number 81010. You should receive a welcome message that says you have joined “Miss Green’s Class 2016.” I promise I will not bombard you with messages! Another program I will be using to track student behavior and homework assignments is Class Dojo. The sign up instructions are attached to this packet.

Behavior Expectations: Throughout the year we will spend a lot of time and effort learning, reviewing, and practicing how to follow Palos East's three behavior expectations: RESPECT, HONESTY, and RESPONSIBILTY. Students will be held accountable for these expectations. A behavior expectation system will also be implemented in class.

Homework, Graded Work, & Revisions: Students are required to read a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes, 5 days a week, outside of school. There will be a weekly spelling pretest and homework activities that will prepare students for the Friday test. All other assigned homework will be recorded in each student’s assignment notebook. Assignment notebooks will come to and from school daily. The assignment notebook is a great place to jot me a note if needed. I try not to assign homework on Fridays unless there is a test coming up. Graded work will be sent home throughout the week. Please check in with your child to stay informed about their progress. For the first two quarters, I allow revisions on assignments if students receive a 69% or below.

Genre Project: Students will be responsible for reading a minimum of two books, from different genres, each quarter. The genres and book report assignments will be assigned by the teacher in advance. Students will have plenty of time to find a book, read it, and complete the project. A rubric will be provided for each assignment.

Late Work: In order to prepare our fifth graders for middle school, I will enforce a late work policy throughout the year. Students who do not turn in work on time will be required to fill out and sign a late slip. Parents will be required to sign the slip at home. Students will lose 5% off assignments for each day late. I will use this procedure with all students. However, if late work continues to be an issue, I am very flexible with creating a separate plan that works for you and your child.

Cell Phones: I recognize that a cell phone is often a necessary means of communication after school between a parent and a child. If a cell phone is brought to school, it must remain turned off and inside the student’s backpack until they have exited the building after school. All phone correspondence between students and parents during the school day must be made via the office or classroom phone.

Snack/Water Bottles:
Our class will have a brief snack time each day. A healthy snack is highly encouraged. Snacks will not be provided for students. Students will be permitted to have a water bottle at their desk. Please remind your child to bring their water bottle home frequently to be washed.

After School:
Please make sure your child knows where to go after school. If your student will be taking a different mode of transportation home, please send a note to me and to the office.

Grading Scale: 
A     93-100
A-    90-92
B+   88-89
B     83-87
B-    80-82
C+   78-79
C     73-77
C-    70-72
D+   68-69
D     63-67
D-    60-62
F      0-59