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School Office Hours: Mondays - Fridays 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
2014-2015 Meeting Minutes and Agendas


2014-2015 Meeting dates and locations

During their reorganization meeting meeting on April 15, 2014, the Board of Education of Palos Community Consolidated School District 118 adopted the following schedule for regular meetings.  Meetings will be called to order at 7:00 p.m.

The general public may address the board. Sign in sheets are available at every board meeting to register to speak to the board. (see sign-in table)


Date Type of Mtg Location Agenda Minutes
June 16, 2015 Regular Central Agenda Minutes
 June 16, 2015 Special Meeting of the Whole   Central Agenda  Minutes 
May 28, 2015   Special Board Meeting Central  Agenda  Minutes 
 May 21, 2015  Special Board Meeting Central   Agenda Minutes 
 May 19, 2015 Regular East Agenda Minutes
 May 19, 2015  Special Board Meeting East   Agenda  Minutes
May 18, 2015   Special Board Meeting Finance  West  Agenda Minutes 
 April 29, 2015  Special Meeting
Central   Agenda Minutes 
April 29, 2015  Special Board Meeting
Central   Agenda  Minutes
April 29, 2015   Special Meeting of the Whole  Central  Agenda Minutes 
April 21, 2015 Regular West Agenda Minutes
 April 21, 2015 Special Meeting   West  Agenda  Minutes
 March 31, 2015 Special Board Meeting 
Buildings and Grounds/Finance Meeting
Central  Agenda  Minutes 
March 17, 2015 Regular South Agenda   Minutes
 March 17, 2015  Special Board Meeting  South Agenda  Minutes 
March 16, 2015  Special Board Meeting   Central Agenda  Minutes 
February 17, 2015 Regular Central Agenda Minutes
 February 10, 2015 Special Meeting
Policy Committee 
Central  Agenda   Minutes
February 10, 2015  Special Meeting
Finance/Bldgs and Grounds Committees 
Central   Agenda Minutes 
February 5, 2015   Special Meeting Government and Legislative Committee  Central Agenda   Minutes
January 20, 2015 Regular Central Agenda Minutes 
December 16, 2014  Regular Central Agenda Minutes
December 9, 2014   Special Meeting - Buildings and Grounds/Finance Central   Agenda Minutes 
 November 18, 2014 Regular Central
November 11, 2014
Special Meeting of the Whole
 Agenda Minutes
 November 4, 2014 Special Meeting - Finance  Central Agenda  Minutes 
October 21, 2014 Regular Central Agenda Minutes
October 21, 2014
 Special Meeting
Francescas, Palos Park
 October 14, 2014  Special Meeting - Joint Boards Meeting  Central  Agenda  Minutes
 October 14, 2014  Special Meeting - Bldgs and Grounds
Central   Agenda Minutes 
September 16, 2014  Regular West  Agenda Minutes
 September 9, 2014 Special Meeting of The Whole   Central Agenda   Minutes
September 9, 2014   Special Meeting
Policy Committee
Central  Agenda  Minutes 
August 12, 2014 Regular Central Agenda Minutes

August 8, 2014 
 Special Meeting  Harvest Room in Palos Heights Agenda   Minutes
 August 5, 2014  Special Meetings
Buildings and Grounds/Finance
East   Agenda  Minutes
 July 2, 2014 Special Meeting
Buildings and Grounds Committee
Central Agenda Minutes