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Welcome to Ms. Yucuis’ Class!

A positive learning environment is needed to help each child in room 11 do their best.  We will be using Class Dojo in our classroom this year!  Class Dojo is an online behavior management system that provides feedback and points for each student in real-time.  I am a BIG time believer in the power of positive reinforcement!  The children will earn points or lose points depending on their behavior.  They are expected to keep track of their points in order to receive an award.  

Class Dojo has a 'Class Story' feature that I will use again this year.  If you are signed up, you can see pictures that I post onto our 'story.'

I encourage you to read more about Class Dojo and explore their website by navigating to the following link:

teacher-at-smartboard-teaching-class copy.pngOur Class Rulesstudents raising hand.png

1. Listen to your teacher

2. Follow directions quickly

3. Respect others, yourself, and your school.

4. Raise your hand before speaking.

5. Be safe. Be kind. Be honest

6. Make smart choices!

Classroom Procedures

Each day, your child will bring home his/her take home folder.  Along with their folder, your child will have their assignment notebook.  The assignment notebook will have any homework assignments and/or special reminders for the day.  Assignment notebooks must be signed daily!  Please look through your child’s take home folder and assignment book nightly and return them to school with your child each day.  

The students will get a reading packet which will be collected on the day of the reading/spelling test.  Because of the different material in each reading week, the day of the test may vary.  The students will write in their assignment notebooks at the beginning of the reading week when their test will be.  If your child decides to turn in their packet ahead of time they can, they just may want to cut off their spelling words from the packet to study.  

Reading Logs
Students will be getting a reading log at the beginning of each month.  They should be reading for a minimum of 15 minutes per day for 5 days a week.  These minutes should be recorded on the log and signed by a parent.  The only way a child is going to become a better reader is if they read often, so It is very important that the students are reading each night and varying the genres of the books.  

Math Logs
Students will also be getting math logs at the beginning of each month.  Each child should practice math facts 5 minutes a day for 5 days.  These logs also need to be signed and dated by the parent.  I will be checking these every Friday and they are due at the end of the month.  

It is very important to have your child practice their math facts and why not make it fun?  There are many websites for your child to go on to practice their facts such as or (class code: 

There are also many card games you can play.  Here is a list with directions of many FUN card games to practice facts.


Students may bring in a small healthy snack each day.  This will be a working snack, so your child will be handling papers and books as they eat.  This will not allow for any utensils, straws, or juice boxes.  Below is a list of approved choices for our mid-morning snack.
--Cereal/granola bars
--Fruit gummies
--Fruits or veggies (That don't have to be peeled or cut at school)
--"100 Calorie Packs"


Daily:  Time 12:35-1:15 (this time includes recess).  A hot lunch with milk may be purchased for $2.70.  Milk only is $0.40.  Salad bar is available every day, unless specified on the monthly lunch menu.                     

Edibland non-edible treats are not allowed to be distributed at school as a birthday celebration. We will celebrate your child’s birthday in the classroom and make them feel like the special person they are!  They will get to be the line leader of the day, get a birthday pencil, and bring in a favorite book to read to the class!  If you would like to pass out invitations at school, you must either invite the entire class, or all of the children of the same sex.