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4th Grade Projects
Science Extravaganza

Topic 1
Britannica Online-Photosynthesis (ipad)
Photosyntheis animation
Bonus Activities:  Oxgenator or Survive the Light 

Topic 2
Brain Pop -  Electric Circuits (ipads use the app)

Topic 3
The Food Chain Game
The Food Web Game
Garbage Graveyard (ipad)

Topic 4
Plant Adaptations (ipad)
StudyJams Plant Adaptations Video
BrainPop Pollination Video (ipad use the app)

Topic 5
FollettShelf ebook -  What's the Plan (ipad)
BrainPop Scientific Method Video (ipad use the app)

Topic 6
Animal Characteristics Game

Topic 7
FollettShelf ebook  - Igneous Rocks (ipad)
FollettShelf ebook  - Metamorphic Rocks (ipad) 
FollettShelf ebook  - Sedimentary Rocks (ipad)

Topic 8
How Stuff Works: Animal Color Change (ipad)

Topic 9
StudyJams Video: Weathering and Erosion
How Do Glaciers Affect Land? (ipad)
How Stuff Works - Glaciers: Geological Effects (ipad)
BrainPop Erosion (ipad use the app)
BrainPop Weathering (ipad use the app)
BrainPop Glaciers (ipad use the app)
Bonus Activity: Shape It Up!

Topic 10
Butterfly Life Cycle (ipad)
Life Cycles Movie

Topic 11
BrainPop  Migration (ipad use the app)
BrainPop  Hibernation (ipad use the app)
Animal Planet Bear Hibernation Video (ipad)
PBS Grizzly Bear Hibernation Video
PBS Animals that Hibernate (ipad)
Bonus Activity:  Mission Migration Game

Topic 12
BrainPop Clouds (ipad use the app)
Weather Wiz Kids Clouds (ipad)

Topic 13
Dirtmeister's Science Reporters: Simple Machines (ipad)
Simple Machines - The Ultimate "Twitch" Game
Bonus Activity: EdHeads Simple Machines (Explore the house)

Topic 15
StudyJams Energy and Matter Video
BrainPop Kinetic Energy (ipad use the app)
BrainPop Potential Energy (ipad use the app)
Bonus Activity: Coaster Creator BrainPop Games

Topic 16
Weather Facts (ipad)

Topic 17
Changing State Labeling Activity 
BrainPop States of Matter (ipad use the app)
BrainPop Measuring Matter (ipad use the app)

Topic 18
BrainPop Magnetism (ipad use the app)

Topic 19
Britannica Online: Alternative Energy (ipad)
Britannica Online: Fossil Fuel (ipad)

Topic 20
BrainPop Seasons (ipad use the app)
BrainPop  Moon Phases (ipad use the app)
Harcourt Phases of the Moon
Moon Diagram (ipad)
Education City Manu in the Moon (Science-4th Grade-Activities-Goal 12F-Learn Area)

Topic 21
Education City Solar Stroller (Science-4th Grade-Activities-Goal 12F-Learn Area)

Topic 22
StudyJams Video Light Absorption, Reflection, and Refraction

Topic 23
Study Jams Video The Water Cycle
Education City Home and Dry (Science-4th Grade-Activities-Goal 12E-Learn Area)

Topic 24
Education City  Lab Test (Science-4th Grade-Activities-Goal 11A-Learn Area)

Topic 25
Famous Scientists A-Z (ipad)
Super Scientists (ipad)

Topic 26
Careers in Science (ipad)
Science Careers (ipad)
I Want to be an 'ologist (ipad)

Topic 27
BrainPop Behavior (ipad use the app)

Topic 28
Tumblebooks Pollution of the Food Chain Video (ipads use the link on the Media Center's Web Resources page).

State Project
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica: Start with the elementary edition of this online encyclopedia. Click on the speaker, and it will read the paragraph to you!
  • National Park Service: Find a Park can help you find information about a national park, national monument, or national historic site in your state.
  • Stately Knowledge:  Basic information about the 50 states.
  • The Fifty States :  Basic information about the 50 states.
  • Social Security Online: Use the Popular Baby Names By State tool to find your character name.

Animal Project
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica is an online encyclopedia.  Start with the elementary edition.  Click on the speaker, and it will read the paragraph to you!

  • African Wildlife Federation Wildlife Gallery has information on many threatened animals in Africa.  Make sure to click on the learn more link.

  • Arkive is a great place to find picture, videos, and information about animals.  Use the search box to find your animal.  Then click on the tabs in the description box on the right to find more information about your animal.

  • National Georgraphic for Kids offers information on many animals.  There are facts, photos, maps, and sometimes even video clips or sound.

  • National Geographic  offers information on many animals.  There are pictures, sound clips, or video clips for many of the animals.
  • San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes offers information on many animals.  Just select the proper animal category to get started.
  • Smithsonian National Zoological Park  offers information on many animals.  Just click on the proper animal category (mammal, reptile, etc...) to get started.