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General Health Information
Health Guidelines
For minor illnesses (like the common cold), most physicians agree that a child should stay home at least until he/she feels well enough to return to school. Children should not return to school until they are fever-free for 24 hours. For school purposes, a fever is defined as a temperature reading at or above 100 degrees. A student who is on fever-reducing medicine is not ready to attend school because he/she remains contagious and uncomfortable when the fever spikes upward again.

Required Antibiotic Treatments
Strep throat can only be diagnosed with a throat culture and pinkeye needs to be diagnosed and treated by a doctor. Both of these conditions require a minimum of 24 hours of antibiotic treatment before the contagious period has subsided.

Illness & Recess
Our policy at school is to send all children out for recess when the temperature (including wind chill) is 15 degrees or above and when it is dry. Please keep in mind that winter air does NOT cause or worsen minor symptoms as long as children are dressed appropriately. Extended indoor recess requires a doctor’s note.

Restrictions Due to Injury
On a final note, if your child suffers a serious injury, especially one that requires a cast or brace, a doctor’s note is required explaining the nature of the injury and restrictions, if any.  

Enterovirus D68
Infections with enteroviruses are usually common in the United States during summer and fall. Learn more about EV-D68 so that you can help keep your children from getting and spreading the virus.