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Classroom information
Welcome to fifth grade in room #29!  The following list contains some of the classroom procedures for your new classroom. 

Morning Routine

  • Unpack your backpack and leave it in the hallway.  Be sure all of the supplies you need are in the classroom with you. 
  • Turn in homework and notes to the black trays on the counter.
  • Sharpen pencils because once class begins you may not sharpen a pencil.  If you break a pencil you may borrow one from the extra supplies.
  • Warm up: begin working on the warm up activity that is described on the board.
  • We will then check or discuss the warm up together as a class and then begin our lesson for the day.

Assignment Notebooks

  • Students will be asked to take out their assignment notebooks.  Together as a class we will review the daily assignments.  I will then check each student’s notebook. I will also post the assignments on my wepage.
  • Once a student’s notebook is checked and initialed, they may get their backpack from the hall.
  • Students are to read quietly at their seats until their bus numbers are called.   Once a student’s bus number is called they may push in their chair, and they are dismissed.
  • During the first quarter of the school year, I will check and initial every student’s notebook for completeness.  During the following quarters, students will have notebooks checked and initialed on an individual basis.


Homework will be assigned throughout the school year.  Assignments will be discussed in class and posted on the assignment board and on my website.  Students will list their assignments in their assignment notebook, and take it home each night.  During the first quarter of the school year, I will check and initial every student’s notebook for completeness.  During the following quarters, students will have notebooks checked and initialed on an individual basis.

Homework is to be handed into the appropriate homework bin on the counter at the beginning of the school day the assignment is due.

Late Homework:

For each late assignment a note will be made on the student's Friday Folder. Parents will initial the Friday folder each week. Also five percentage points will be deducted from the final score of the assignment for each day it is late.


Absent Work:

In the event that a student is absent, the student’s “homework buddy” will collect the daily assignments for the absent student.  These assignments can be picked up when the student returns from his/her absence or in the office at the end of the school day.  For every day a student is absent they have a day to make up the missed work.  For example, if a student is absent three days, then they have three days after they come back to make up the missed assignments.  

In the event that an absence is known about prior to it occurring, it is school policy that assignments cannot be given out prior to the absence. 

Expectations and Consequences:

Students will be expected to follow school and classroom expectations.  Consequences for not following the rules are as follows.

  1. Verbal warning
  2. A note will be made on the Friday Folder/Behavior Log
  3. 2nd offense = Loss of recess
  4. 3rd offense = Loss of recess + Go see Mrs. Dodds with a referral


As a reward for working hard and following classroom and school rules, the class will accumulate pennies.  Once fifteen pennies have been earned students will get to vote on an activity of their choice.  Possible choices for an activity could include a dodge-ball game, and extra recess, free choice, or whatever creative and reasonable idea the students come up with.

A penny is earned if the class makes it through the whole day with no marks on their Friday folders/Behavior Logs, if the class receives a compliment in the hallway for good behavior, or when exceeding expectations.


I encourage all students to bring a healthy, mid-morning snack each day to keep their energy level up. We will have snack around 10:30 each day.  Some examples of appropriate snacks might be the following: string cheese, cheese cubes, yogurt, pretzels, fruit, crackers, etc.  Please do not bring cookies or chips; I do not consider those healthy snacks.  I also encourage students to bring a water bottle each day if they choose to.  Students should only put water in the bottle, and they should take it home each day to wash it.  To ensure that student’s supplies stay dry, students will have to keep their water bottle on the floor next to their desk.

Reading Logs

As part of our reading program students are to read twenty minutes daily at home.  This reading is meant to be for leisure and can include novels, short stories, magazines, newspapers, or anything a student chooses.  Reading logs will be distributed weekly and should be completed each night.  Parents are to sign the reading log on Thursday to ensure the student is reading.

Classroom Jobs

The classroom jobs consist of the following: One line leader, one caboose, two basket carriers, one mail helper, and one personal assistant.  New helpers will be chosen every Monday.  When a student’s name comes up in the rotation, they may choose a job as long as it is a job they have never done before.   I will keep track of what job each student has done to ensure everyone receives a fair opportunity to choose the job of his or her choice.

Field Trips

The Challenger Learning Center: Rendezvous with a Comet Mission-April

Naper Settlement- May