Palos East Elementary SChool

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Classroom Information

Opening Activities

  • Please arrive to school on time and be ready for a full day of learning.
  • Bring a healthy snack and water bottle.
  • Notes and/or monies collected, lunch count & attendance taken.
  • Sharpen pencils, put away books, papers, etc.
  • Students work on Mind Twisters, journal, Question of the Day, or Daily Six Traits as a beginning of the day warm-up activity.
  • Each day’s activities are highlighted.
  • Assignments for absent students will be compiled. Please call office by noon to let them know that it will be picked up or sent home with another student. Homework may not be assigned ahead of time for any reason for student absences. Students will have the same number of days to make up the work that they are out for. Obviously, discussions held each day cannot be made up.
  • Special Delivery Folders checked on Friday morning for signatures.


  • Students should read at least 20 minutes of independent reading per night. Genre books are included. Each child has a copy of the reading log for the month. One signature is required for each month.
  • Practice skills from content areas.
  • Study for quizzes and tests.

All quizzes and tests will be sent home for a signature, whether it’s an ‘A’ or an ‘F’. This gives you and your child a chance to examine it more closely, and keep you aware of their strengths or weaknesses in a particular area. It is also my hope to eliminate any “surprises” on the report card. This excludes spelling tests which you should be seeing weekly in the home folders.

  • Finish assignments or work on projects.
  • No homework on weekends unless it’s a project.
  • Duration should not exceed 50 minutes per night. Independent reading 20 min. per night in addition to assigned homework.



  • Grading scale is posted in classroom.         
    • 90-100 = A
    • 80-89  =  B
    • 70-79  =  C
    • 60-69  =  D
    • Below 60 =F

  • Assignments must be turned in on time. If it is sitting in the backpack in the hall, it is considered late. Points are taken off each day.
  • Students will take home a homework notice for parent signature if it is late.
  • Homework practice is graded with a +, check, or minus-.
  • Test scores are doubled.
  • Daily work, participation, effort, projects, presentations, quizzes, and tests are the elements that comprise student grades.


  • Students are expected to follow classroom procedures and rules that they developed.
  • Students need to incorporate our school rules of respect, honesty and responsibility.
  • Consequences are 1.) verbal warning, 2.) indoor recess 3.) Office Referral and note or phone call home.

Language Arts

  • Students should be reading independently to improve. Reading logs reflect participation.
  • Correct spelling is an expectation in all work and will be assessed.
  • All work is expected to be neat and legible. Word processing homework is acceptable.

  • Genre Program-

Students will be introduced to a wide variety of genres this year. Students will be responsible for completing various types of book reports and Book in a Bag Book Talks. I have included an outline of the program, as well as an extra copy of the Genre Journal in this folder. Please keep it throughout the year to refer to. Your child has their own copy and we have discussed my expectations of the Book Talks in detail. They also have a copy of the form that I will use to grade them. They were shown a video from last year of a student giving a good book talk. I will consistently remind them to stay on top of their genre work each quarter. The minimum requirement is very simple to meet.


  • Students will be using enVision2.0 program
  • Math facts mastery is necessary to improve computations skills. Students need to practice nightly.
  • Timings will be given to check progress
  • Multiplication and division facts are stressed in 5th grade.
  • Students are expected to bring all necessary supplies and homework to math each day.

Social Studies and Science

  • Please read through the fifth grade brochure to see highlights about concepts, topics, and skills for these areas.


  • Students are expected to remember their supplies, homework, band instruments, etc. Stay organized!

  • Please encourage your child to have breakfast each morning and dress appropriately for the weather.

  • Folders with weekly work are sent home on Thursdays. I ask that parents sign the “Special Delivery” sheet before the students return them on Friday. Your child should be showing you various assignments that have been graded, as well as other odds and ends.

  • Scholastic Book Orders-

Students will be given book and software order forms. Ordering is optional, but I have had many students in the past interested in ordering items. I ask that checks be made out to the book order company. You may also order online.

  • Activity Days

Students will be rewarded six different days, throughout the school year, for completing homework on time in 5th grade. Any students who have 3 or more missing or late assignments have to report to a study hall, while the others will be engaged in a variety of fun activities.

  • Field Trips-TBD