Palos East Elementary SChool

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Classroom Information

Our Schedule 
Art- Friday
PE-Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Music- Wednesday

Reading Logs

Every night, silent reading homework is assigned.  Twenty minutes of reading is required. Please fill out the reading log form and return it at the end of the month.  Students are responsible for turning in their own logs.  This will also count as a homework grade. 


Book Reports

The children will explore different genres and have book projects throughout the year.  The project and requirements will be sent home.  The children are expected to work on these at home. This is a great way for children to be exposed to a variety of books and to continue to read for a purpose as well as enjoyment! At the end of the year we will host an Academy Awards Ceremony for Books! Their reading will be important to make this a success!
See my Genre Page for dates and projects!!


Homework in fifth grade has three purposes.  One is to instill and develop a sense of responsibility in completing and returning assignments.  Second is to allow ample time to complete assignments that were given in class. Third is to provide an opportunity to enrich and practice the skills or concepts that were introduced during class.  Your child will be given fifty minutes of homework every night with no homework over the weekend.  This is 10 min per grade level. 

 If your child does not have their homework completed please look online, I will post the homework nightly. One way to alleviate any homework concerns is to check your child’s assignment notebook or my web page every night and pack the backpack with completed homework the night before. The post for the assignment notebook on the web page is under  “Homework ” if your child forgot theirs at school!

Friday Folder: At the end of each week your child’s work will be sent home in a “Friday Folder” I will also include any important notes that need to be sent home that week. The information/student work should be looked over during the weekend and the “Friday Folder” should be returned on Monday.


Assignment Notebook:

Students are responsible for bringing it to school every day and for writing their homework down. Please check it every night. This is the best way for us to communicate on a daily basis and will teach your child to be organized. Again, if they forgot theirs at school or if your child is absent you can check the web page under the “Homework ” to get an updated assignment notebook!

Classroom Rules

  • Respectful
  • Honest
  • Responsible
  • Polite
  • Dedicated
  • Proud