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Student Identification
Student Identification


The ALPS identification process begins in 1st grade with the implementation of the Primary Education Thinking Skills (PETS) program offered to all children in District 118's first grade classrooms. The program is presented by the ALPS building teachers working with the 1st grade classroom teachers.  PETS is a systemized enrichment and diagnostic thinking skills program. It serves the dual purpose of helping in the identification of academically talented students and teaching all students higher level thinking skills. In addition, the Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary Students (SAGES) is administered to those students identified as ALPS candidates through the PETS program. 


In Grades 2-5 our model is Renzulli's Three Ring Model in which a talent pool of the student population is identified for acceleration and enrichment. In addition to standard curricula, the group will receive differentiated instruction in units designed to meet academic needs identified by teachers and substantiated by the identification criteria. The identification process continues with teacher recommendations of students for the program. Referral forms will be evaluated for evidence of high ability, achievement, creativity, and motivation.  Participation in subsequent units would be based on performance.  Eligible students will meet these criteria.

In grades 6-8 ALPS becomes an academic class in which students who are academically talented in both reading and language arts are clustered and receive instruction in an accelerated language arts class. Prior to entering sixth grade, all students  are re-evaluated, and the top 5% are placed into the accelerated block.

All schools use a matrix for identification which assigns weighted point values for each child's cognitive ability and achievement as well as teacher recommendations assessing learning characteristics, motivational characteristics, and creativity characteristics.

Appeals Process & ALPS Board of Review
Teachers, administrators, or parents may request further consideration of a student should the student not qualify for the program based on the identification criteria. Further assessments and evaluations may be considered which could include the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test, the Screening Assessment for Gifted Evaluation Scales, student evaluation checklists completed by teachers or parents, and student portfolio products.

In the event that students who have been referred for the ALPS Program do not meet the established criteria after the appeals process, an ALPS Board of Review may be called to review the data. The Board of Review would consist of ALPS teachers, administrators from district and building levels, and a classroom teacher from the primary, intermediate, and middle school levels.

Exit Criteria

Continued participation in the ALPs Program will be assured as long as the student meets the criteria and performance standards that are both appropriate with his/her ability and within the minimum established for the program.  A student’s progress will be re-evaluated at the end of each school year.  In addition, a student’s progress can be re-evaluated upon request of the parents, teacher, or principal at any time during the school year.  An initial conference, with the parents will be conducted to identify any difficulties the student is having academically. Specific goals and tasks that the student must accomplish in order to remain in the program will be established at the initial conference.  A time frame will be set for the completion of the goals and task. All test scores, grades and classwork will be reviewed.  A final conference with the parents will be held to review the results. Removal of the student from the ALPs Program will be based on evidence that the student is not profiting academically, socially or emotionally from the program.  The principal is responsible for setting the time and place of the conference, as well as the notification of the parents.